Cotton Lycra Fabric 101: Cotton Lycra is our most popular fabric. It's 4-way stretch and soft hand makes it ideal for a variety of garments. Come learn a little more about it and see what our customers have created. READ MORE

Double Brushed Poly Fabric 101: Our DBP fabric is brushed on both sides which makes for soft and comfortable garments. READ MORE

How to Sew with Slub Knit: Join Heather to learn what what slub fabric is, tips and tricks for how to sew with it, and what we have at READ MORE             

Waffle & Thermal Fabric 101: Learn a little more about our thick, warm, and soft waffle and thermal fabrics. READ MORE

Rib Knit 101: Rib knit is perfect for neckbands, cuffs, and much more. Learn about our rib knit fabric here. READ MORE

How to Sew with Cuff Rib Knit: Join Heather to learn what cuff rib knit is, why we use it, what types we have at, and how to sew with it. Today she's sewing a Huckleberry Hoodie with rib knit. READ MORE

How to Sew with Board Short Fabric: Board Short Fabric is perfect for men's swimwear. Come learn all about it and sew alog with us as we make some board shorts.. READ MORE

Bamboo Fabric Guide: Bamboo fabric is a soft and drapey fabric made from natural bamboo fibers. It's similar to cotton lycra and eco-f iendly. It's great or garments like dresses, tops, cardigans, tees, pajamas, and more...READ MORE

Double Gauze Fabric Guide: Double gauze fabric is a lovely, lightweight fabric you can use for a variety of clothing items. We’ll break down all you need to know when sewing with or shopping for double gauze fabric. ...READ MORE

Apparel Fabric Guide: is all about apparel fabric…or fabric for sewing clothes. This guide was made to give a little information about our most popular apparel fabrics and how to choose the correct fabric for your project ...READ MORE

Stretch Velvet Fabric Guide: Stretch Velvet is a luxurious fabric that adds some elegance to your outfits. Its used for beautiful dresses with excellent drape and is great for pants, tops, skirts, and more. Read on for some tips on how to sew with stretch velvet fabric. ...READ MORE

How to Sew with Softshell Fabric: Read on for some tips on how to sew with soft shell fabric. ...READ MORE

French Terry Fabric 101: French terry fabric is perfect for pullovers, pants, dresses, cardigans, etc. Come join Heather to learn a little more about it and see some of our customer's creations. READ MORE

Sweatshirt Fleece 101: Come learn about our sweatshirt fleece - perfect for loose fitting garments and outerwear. READ MORE        

Softshell Fabric 101: Softshell is a durable, water repellant fabric that works well for jackets and snow gear. Come learn a little more about it and see what some of our customers have made. READ MORE

Custom Knits: Come learn about our 5 custom knit bases and what they're used for. Our custom knits combine original designs with high quality fabric bases. READ MORE

Swim Fabric 101: Swim fabric is a perfect choice for fitted swimwear. Many of our swim fabrics are also rated UV 50+ for sun protection. This guide will explain the specifics about swim fabric, care, stretch, etc. READ MORE

Athletic Fabric 101: Athletic knits work well if you're looking for fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you comfortable while working out. Come learn a little more about our athletic knits and see some of our customer's creations. READ MORE

Interlock Fabric 101: Interlock fabric consists of two layers of fabric knitted together for a more stable knit that bounces back and doesn't curl. It's less fussy to work with than other knits and... READ MORE

ITY Fabric: Our ITY Fabric Guide will give you all the information you need about this soft, slinky, elastic knit with excellent wrinkle resistance. READ MORE

Quilting Cotton Fabric Guide: Quilting cotton fabric is a woven cotton fabric with excellent fabric and great durability. While it works well for quilts, it’s also great for a variety of clothing projects like skirts, dresses, button-up shirts, and more. ...READ MORE

Flannel Fabric 101: Flannel fabric is a perfect choice for fall and winter clothing. Its soft and cozy and has great heat retention. It’s great for quilts, blankets, accessories, and many clothing items like outerwear, slippers, etc. Read on to get some tips to sewing flannel ...READ MORE

Cable Knit Fabric 101: Cable knit fabric is fabric that’s formed with rows or designs in the fabric. Great for wrinter sewing and works well for a variety of applications. Learn all about it here...READ MORE